What is included in your licence fee?

1. CHOREOGRAPHY & MUSIC UPDATED EVERY 8 WEEKS: It entitles you to receive a new funky, fun choreographed routine every 2 months. You will receive full visuals, notes and music to accompany your routine. Boogie Bounce music is included in your licence fee.

2. DEDICATED WEB PAGE: Your classes will be advertised on the 'Boogie Bounce' website with your own customised class page.

3. INSTRUCTOR PORTAL: You will also get access to an instructor portal that features a library of the latest routines, marketing collateral & much more.

4. OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE: We will set you up with your very own Official Boogie Bounce Facebook page if you need this facility .

5. DEDICATED SUPPORT TEAM: A support team to assist you to set up, launch, and successfully market your Boogie Bounce Business.

6. GLOBALLY RECOGNISED BRANDING: Whilst running your classes you will be entitled to trade with Boogie Bounce Brand which is recognised worldwide.

7. VARIETY OF PROGRAMMES: Once you are a certified Boogie Bounce instructor you will then have the opportunity to train in all the additional programs which Boogie Bounce offers. They are our bootcamp style circuit class -REVOLUTION, our class dedicated to children- KIDZ, and our training program utilising 4 resistance bands – STRENGTH & TONE. ( Please note further training will incur a further cost).

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