Boogie Bounce Revolution



What is Boogie Bounce Revolution?

This unique Boogie Bounce Revolution is based on the HIIT training system. The programme is designed to utilise our bespoke trampolines in a circuit format with 1 revolution.

The set up of a Boogie Bounce Revolution class is in a circuit style with alternate cardio stations and your ‘typical bootcamp’ stations.

A 45 minute session puts the body through a high intensity workout with each station providing lower options for those new to this style of training. The beauty of our bootcamp is that it welcomes all ages, shapes, sizes. All fitness levels can participate, building their fitness with each revolution.

There are so many benefits to this programme….

  • HIIT training has become so popular due to the amazing results you can achieve using maximum effort over short bursts of time.
  • It has been scientifically proven that this form of training leads to increased metabolic rate result in very effective fat loss.
  • Our bootcamp circuit utilises the cardiovascular element alongside the strength and endurance training system.
  • All over body workout- Varied exercises target all muscle groups not just 1 at a time which leads to better results from each session.
  • 1-minute bursts spent on each station allow for maximum effort with rest periods in between - preventing any boredom or feelings of ‘mundane’ training.
  • Improving functional skills - increases strength, improving aerobic endurance, aids coordination, increase balance and agility.
  • Boosts confidence and sense of well being – BBXRevolution provides social atmosphere and a “group effort” feeling. Boot camp workouts are taken at an individual’s own pace, with the shared goal of rapid improvement and discipline.
  • Long term health and wellbeing improvements – overtime improvements to lower the resting heartrate and increased cardiac output.

After you finish your Boogie Bounce Revolution workout, covered in sweat, with your blood pumping hard through every inch of your body, those endorphins will improve mood and dispel stress hormones, leaving you energized, ready to face the day, and excited for your next workout!

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