Boogie Bounce Kidz


Why offer Boogie Bounce Kidz Program???

Boogie Bounce Kidz is our unique trampoline fitness program aimed at children and young people from ages 6 and over.  There is something magical about bouncing on trampolines for children and they want to bounce, bounce, bounce all day long to fun funky music. Parents are very keen to see their children grow with the FUN side of fitness being firmly instilled from an early age.  Families are calling out for children’s fitness parties’ using traditional games on mini trampolines.  Our instructors have had a huge surge in the request for kidz classes and parties and schools are also recognising the need for more fun packed exercise regimes encouraging their pupils to a healthier lifestyle because they are looking forward to their Boogie Bounce Kidz session. 

Expand your business potential by adding this program to your skill set, allowing you to bridge the gap in the market and utilise your mini trampolines to their full potential. We use 25-45 minutes for this dynamic program depending on the children’s ages and as an qualified Boogie Bounce instructor you will receive new specially designed routines every 8 weeks with age related music to keep your Kidz class fresh and funky.

Our Kidz training is an online training package and once you have completed your Boogie Bounce you can embark on the training to add this to your timetable and fill your daytime hours and weekends with giving you the chance to ‘put the fun back into children’s fitness’.

Benefits of introducing Boogie Bounce Kidz to your program:

  • The material on the course allows for instructors to safely and competently understand the differences between exercise sessions for kidz and adults and how you can transfer skills in a way that is relevant with kidz.
  • With research backing the increase of obesity in children and young people now is a perfect time to be reaching out and tackling this . Boogie Bounce Kidz program helps children , young people and their families understand the importance of regular exercise .
  • Boogie Bounce Kidz is not your ‘generic’ sports session. It is fun, dynamic and socially engaging.
  • Kidz parties are on the demand and be rewarding not just morally for you but financially as an business.
  • Regular kidz classes can fill the gap between school finishing time and adult classes starting allowing you to earn more money.
  • After school clubs are a great idea for helping parents in the effort to keep their children fit and also gives them a further hour of ‘ babysitting’ in effect.
  • School sessions are a great money earner within daytime hours as instructors often find adult classes difficult to fill during these hours.
  • School holiday programs are extremely popular and allow children to exercise for longer due to the lower impact on their growing bones and joints.

Let the children in your community enjoy the fantastic benefits associated with bouncing around on a trampoline and watch them smile, laugh, giggle and have fun whilst getting fit.

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